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CoreBiz Web : E-Mail Marketing Solutions

Email can be used in the same way as postal mailshots, to keep in touch with your customers, or let them know about special offers or your new services and products etc.

The speed of delivery of email and its low cost are extremely attractive qualities. Why should you lose out on this great opportunity? Call us for a free consultancy session.

Email must be used carefully. Junk email is extremely unpopular and likely to be counter-productive. It's important to allow irritated recipients to remove themselves from your mailing list automatically. Indeed, there are many attributes of mailing lists that both can and should be automated. At CoreBiz Web Works we can provide you with exactly the services you will need.

We provide a range of mailing list management services allowing you to concentrate on the macro issues of marketing or sales. You can keep the list closed (contains only addresses provided by yourself) or open it to subscribers.

Consider our range of services and notice how we can significantly reduce your costs!! We can

Create: an entire e-mail marketing campaign
Build: your e-mail marketing distribution list
Design: design an html e-mail newsletter template
Write: and produce your e-mail newsletter
Publish: your e-mail newsletter
Track: and evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign

Features of our direct e-mail marketing software:

Permission based - people opt-in or double opt-in from your website
Html, AOL and text versions of newsletter
Full tracking statistics
Bulk Email Marketing (up to 50,000 mass e-mails per month)

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